Monday, July 27, 2009

LG W2234S

I just recently purchased the LG W2234S widescreen LCD monitor. It was very nice, I could attach very easily to my existing PC.
I have just started using it, but after an hour usage I started to feel dizzy. I have never experienced such a problem with an LCD monitor before. I use 17" Dell monitor at my workplace and watching it 8-10 hours a day with NO problem.
So I switched back the LG to my old 19" CRT. After two days I decided to give it a try and started to use the LG again. Unfortunately nothing has changed, still have the dizzy feeling.
I do not know what's wrong with this LG monitor, I tried it in different settings, but got the same experience each time.
One thing I noticed is that I definitely have this feeling when I'm reading text on white background. However I have tried different white balance settings and changed the RGB scheme, still did not help.
Do you have similar experience with this monitor? I'm interested in the solution of this problem. Any suggestions?

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